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Aaron Dooney – Barrister

Aaron Dooney

Practicing For Ten Years

Crimal Law, Traffic & Other Law

Available 24 Hour By Phone

021 294 0403

With my client’s best interests in mind, I look for considered, practical, and appropriate solutions.


Aaron Dooney – Barrister  

Legal Aid 

Whangarei & Dargaville

Aaron Dooney has been practicing for ten years, with a great track record behind him.

Aaron grew up in Napier and has been residing in Whangarei since 2006.

As a barrister, Aaron Dooney has the tools to dedicate himself to the best possible results for each of his clients. Aaron gives a service that includes 24 hour access by telephone.


Aaron Dooney Barrister 

Whangarei & Dargaville

Aaron Dooney has extensive experience in a broad range of cases, and a reputation for great results.

His work has particularly focussed on criminal litigation, resource management (effluent run-off, dairy farm prosecutions) and employment matters.

Advice on arrest:
“I wish to remain silent, I will make no statement or answer further questions. I want to see my lawyer or I want to speak to a lawyer.”

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Bank Street Chambers
43 Bank Street, Whangarei